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Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA

Chinook Retreats offers the welcome with which the people of the North greeted a warm wind in the dead of winter. On this land, Windhorse can be refreshed, remembered, and remade. Retreats at the Chinook Aerie provide a lovely, comfortable, and fully furnished guest house, artist studio, and spa with 50 private acres and hundreds of BLM acres on which to walk,sit, and lie on our Mother Earth. Two miles off a two lane road, deep silence is your constant companion. The Guest House is suitable for a permanent artist in residence and up to two visiting artists. The owners live on the same property a quarter mile away. The high desert of south central Oregon creates dark night skies and abundant galaxies on view, transformation through four true seasons, and far vision.

An Aerie is the sticks and moss nest large enough to hold a mother eagle and her eaglets. The parents come back year after year, repairing and enlarging it. When Robert and Sharon bought this property next to the Bear Valley Eagle Refuge, they committed to holding a healing field for all Beings where Silence is practiced and Truth is protected. The Chinook Aerie is a nest large enough for the growth and development of Self, of Art, and of Spirit.

The Guest House offers the basics: a comfortable bed, sturdy desk and chair, good lighting, nice linens, truly hot water, well furnished living room, dining area, and kitchen, DSL internet and telephone landline, NPR, a seasonal creek, cows across the road, birds and deer living their lives around you.



Archeological survey says that The Chinook Aerie occupies the overlap of Modoc, Klamath and Shasta traditional lands. The hills are laden with volcanic rock caste off by Mt. Shasta and Mt. Mazama over the millennia. The large boulders make excellent “thrones” against which to sit in vision while ample stones are suited for stacking cairns. Robert and Sharon provide stewardship to this place of power, and have always welcomed people with the blessing, “may you leave better than you came.”

Robert is an elder shaman who lives with the Spirits of this land night and day, while Sharon still drives twenty miles into town where she works as the “village shrink” three days a week. Robert offers an hour of energy healing developed from a core shamanism practice of twenty years. Additional hours are $100.

One day a week, Sharon sees people in the Gathering House for consultation and Five Element acupuncture. Sharon will read fifteen pages and offers a courtesy hour consultation. She offers insight into personal process and character’s development from thirty years practice of psychiatry and psychotherapy. Additional hours are $100. Sharon is a speaker more than a writer, crafting words to help us understand our complex experience of being a soul living in a body dictated by time, gravity, and distance.


Your Host and Retreat Operator:  Sharon and Robert Chinook.

Region:  When not lost to the clouds, Mt. Shasta supervises the Klamath Basin from sixty miles away and is a welcome sight every time I drive home to Bear Valley. The drive north to Klamath Falls is on a two lane road, with canals on both sides. In the summer the water way belongs to the pelicans, cormorants, and turtles; in fall and spring, the subtropical neomigratory song birds perch on cattail and tules while the sky is in psychedelic motion with flocks of birds on their way somewhere; in spring, geese and ducks and their goslings and chicks take to the water; in winter, eagles and hawks, swans and snow geese share my drive. Klamath Falls offers remarkably good public and university libraries, locally and sustainably grown organic food, several gourmet coffee shops with internet, and little other opportunity to waste time or spend money. Ten miles south, Dorris boasts excellent Mexican food and The Hospitality House offers wonderful dinners on the weekend. An hour and a half over the Cascade Mountains brings you to Ashland with endless opportunity to buy beautiful things and eat outstanding food, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ninety minutes north is Crater Lake and beyond that, the Sky Lakes Wilderness and the Pacific Crest Trail. Klamath Falls, Chiloquin, Mt. Shasta City, and Ashland are all home to vibrant artist communities.

Location:  The Chinook Aerie is 20 miles south of Klamath Falls, 70 miles east of Medford, 250 miles northwest of Reno, 300 miles south of Portland, and 300 miles north of San Francisco.

Closest airport:  Klamath Falls International Airport boasts 30 days free parking and has 3 flights a day, two from San Francisco and one from Portland on Sky West Air. Each flight brings 30 people. Klamath Falls is also served by Amtrak Coast Starlight.

Tourism information:  Discover Klamath


Studio Name Description Weekly Rates
The West Wing Large bedroom with queen bed, desk/chair/light, large closet, views to the south and west. Private master bathroom has slate wrapped large soaking tub, shower, really hot water, and skylight. Includes use the Guest House’s fully equipped kitchen. $350
The Gray Room Double bed, desk/chair/light, and closet. Southern view of high desert and distant hills. Shared bathroom with tub and shower. Includes use the Guest House’s fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, living room, and spa at the Gathering House. $300
The Rose Room Double bed, desk/chair/light, and large closet. View north towards the seasonal creek and adjacent hillside. Shared bathroom with tub and shower. Includes use the Guest House’s fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, living room, and spa. $300


  • High Speed
  • Wireless
  • Printer
  • Phone
  • Refbook
  • Weekmaid
  • Kitchenette
  • Mini fridge
  • Private bathroom
  • Stereo
  • Out smoking
  • SBathroom

Payment terms:  A check for the first weeks’ stay is required thirty days prior to your retreat. Subsequently, payment is due at the beginning of each week. Excessive internet, long distance, or electricity usage will be billed monthly. The nearest ATM is 20 miles away. We are not equipped for credit cards.

Cancellation policy:  Refund of deposit thirty days less than anticipated stay is not guaranteed though we will make an effort to reschedule your reservation without penalty.

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