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January 2011

A Writers' Retreat: Starting from Scratch to Success!

- Two retreats open: New Jersey, USA & England

- My courageous author

- Your writing can flow: Four easy stepts to getting unstuck

- What does it take to write that book?

- Dropping your pants: The naked truth about memoir writing

- My Caribbean Salon

- A harvest of thought

- The magic of San Miguel, or writing about "place"


April 2011


-Two new retreats open: Italy and Massachusetts

-Writing Stories that Heal

-Is your Writing Faltering? Consider more Research

-One Writer's Favorite Things

-When is a Setting more than a Setting

- Released in February: A Writers' Retreat-Starting from Scratch to Success!



July 2011


- Creating a successful book signing

- Gardens and Growth

- Overcoming writing hurdles

- A step-by-step guide to set up and operate a retreat






October 2011


- The Braided Essay: An Intertwined Form

- And now to write!

- Tips to operate your own retreat


January 2010


-Words for Haiti

-What can you learn in a weekend?

-Find your passion and write about it

-Workshops series

-New year-round retreat opening in May

-How to set up and operate a retreat


April 2010


- New retreat opens in Rhode Island

- The power of the retreat

- From novice to expert

- Writers writing about writing

- Spring forward to a new beginning


July 2010


- Work/Trade opportunities

- New retreats open in Virginia

- Wisdom in knowing the difference

- Why I am a retreat operator

- On approaching a book as a reader

- Writing biographies


October 2010


- New retreat opens in California

- Finding a niche for the nonfiction author

- Nourishing the creative palate

- Autumn inspiration

- Publishing's most sought after genre

- Carmel-California's unique writers'retreat

- Don't agonize. Organize!






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