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The Writers' Retreat is the largest and most influential network of residential retreats in the Western world. The membership organization specializes in helping writing mentors and retreat operators implement, promote, and support residential retreats for writers - regardless of the literary genre in which they work. Thus, poets, novelists, science fiction writers, essayists, journalists, book reviewers, short story writers and "self-helpers," are equally welcomed at the residential retreats.

To all such individuals, we offer high calibre literary services that include supportive mentoring, constructive feedback, rigorous editing, and sound marketing advice.

We have created a set of unique, close-to-idyllic environments in which writers can carry out their creative endeavours without distraction. Should they feel the need to discuss their work with other writers in residence, or with our on-site mentors, however, this option is available to them as well.

We also provide online space for our retreat operators and mentors to feature and promote their own creative writings, allowing them to establish a strong profile in a competitive literary marketplace.

The residential retreats offer:

One-on-one coaching, workshops and clinics; editing, and placement services depending on the needs of the writers.

Finally, for writers who are interested, assistance in writing grant applications might be available.

Micheline Côté is a co-founder and owner of The Writers' Retreat. A former cultural attaché, communications specialist, realtor, and retreat operator, the consulting services she has provided potential retreat operators for nearly a decade, are enhanced by her expertise in marketing and organization. She recently published a guidebook A Writers' Retreat: Starting from Scratch to Success! specifically written to assist current and future residential retreat operators in starting, operating, and shaping their retreat business. For more details, visit

Back in 1998, it was the first residential retreat in North America that provided on-site literary services to its residents. Since its inception, it has expanded - both its locations and its range of services. The network now includes residential writing retreats in several countries and continents. "We continue to receive enthusiastic responses from prospective writers all over the world who seek a protective and creative environment in which to complete their projects, away from the annoying distractions of everyday life." The retreats provide an opportunity for residents to benefit from the advice of experienced writing coaches, as well as to attend stimulating workshops where they will learn how to further refine their writing skills.

As the largest existing network of writers' retreats, we sincerely welcome your participation in our ever expanding international community of writers.

Worlwide Residential Retreats for writers

The selection criteria?

Your burning desire to write. So, if writing is your priority, you've hit upon the right place! A truly creative environment offers more than just comfort and privacy.  It lends inspiration, instills a sense of well-being and provides opportunity to learn and explore.  It affords guidance, pleasant surroundings, good food, a variety of diversions.  And a sense of fellowship.  This is The Writers' Retreat - your writing retreat!

While writing demands solitude and focus, that need not mean isolation and  deprivation.  Our sole purpose is to provide an ambience conducive to creativity and to assist writers in reaching their goal. We are mindful that intense work demands interlude. Nature in abundance is just outside your door, quaint villages and diversions abound in every direction. Our residents are consistently surprised by the sheer volume of work they produce - and the fun they have doing it. 

Residency / Eligibility

The retreats are dedicated to writers having neither the flexibility nor inclination to compete for a place to write.

We encourage extended residency but offer any length of stay on a first reserved basis.  We cater to motivated, independent writers and recognize the deadline driven reality of the working writer.  We strive to accommodate your schedule. 

Is your work worthy of pursuit at The Writers' Retreat?  Only the writer's opinion is relevant to that question.  We do not presume to judge the relative merit of one's work - you need not endure the uncertainty of a "selection" process.  Some retreats review a sample of your work.

The retreats embrace writers of all genres, editors, publishers, filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights and poets; writers in early career as well as those established are welcome.  If you are engaged in business or academic writing, consider this retreat environment to complete your thesis, proposals or reports.

On-site mentors / Literary Services

Most writers seek isolation and visiting one of our writers' retreats is the ideal way to get it! Still, another need of writers is having an experienced mentor at hand to review daily or weekly work, offer feedback, or coach a writer through the process. On-site mentors are professionals who residents can rely on for help who will not intrude on the isolation writers crave. 

Upon request, our mentors review, shape, and develop your project while offering support, advice, and motivation. They will treat you and your dreams with the utmost respect. Our mentors will listen as you enthuse about your book, play, or screenplay. They are qualified to offer invaluable advice about your current project and overall writing goals. Our mentors are dedicated to your goals. Their assistance may make publication of your book, play, or screenplay a far more realistic outcome than if you continue in your solo efforts. They know what it takes to get writers published!

To receive maximum benefit and ensure you reach your writing target at your next retreat, contact one of our mentors. Search our Worldwide Residential Retreats and e-mail your question directly to one of them. Achieving your writing dreams has never been simpler or as much fun!


To help residents realize the full potential of their work, a critique is included in the rates - to be confirmed with on-site mentor. 

Editing services

Regardless of your level of expertise, mentors help develop your manuscript/script to its full potential prior to submission.  They are reputed for ensuring that submissions are ready, or very nearly so, to publish or to produce. To complete the editing process, our copyeditor will put the finishing touches on your manuscript, giving it the professional finish you and your readers demand.

Coaching / Mentoring

For writers who can't juggle schedules to attend a workshop or prefer more individual attention.  We shepherd the writer through the process, from manuscript to publication or production.  You receive undivided personal attention that concentrates solely on your work - an extremely efficient way to progress.  

Receive step-by-step guidance to reach specific writing and publishing goals.  We offer private mentoring or, put differently, private coaching.  Even if your first draft is not completed, we can get you started on the right track. 


Mentors occasionally offer workshops in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and screenwriting.  To ensure individual attention, instructors lead a maximum of eight to ten participants in each workshop.  

To view the current workshop series, click on Workshops.

Writing is not a profession, occupation or job; it is not a way of life:
it is a comprehensive response to life
Gregory McDonald
The Writers' Retreat
Each retreat is independently owned and operated.

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